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by Robert White

What is Lithuanian translation? 

The Lithuanian language is the eastern branch of the Baltic languages. The language is used in the 16th century then the modern Lithuanian language evolved in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is written using the Latin alphabet. If you are applying for a job or for immigration, all the documents must be in the reader’s official language, so an accurate translation is essential. Always select a professional translation company that is certified and employs language experts. Experience is essential so that they can fulfil all the requirements.

Get quality translation 

Kings of Translation have a team of expert professional translators who are fully certified. We are committed to consistently providing quality content with an accurate vocabulary. Our translations are completed quickly to a reliable and accurate standard.  Just place an order and receive the translation in any language that you want. We follow the same format that you have ordered and the text is clear and attractive. All the users’ translations are protected and we protect all the user’s personal information.

When you need the Lithuanian translation 

There are many situations where you may require Lithuanian translation. Official case: if you need to submit important documents to your workplace, these documents must be translated. Any transcript or any educational document needs a translation so that reader can easily read the document. You cannot submit such documents while they are still in the Lithuanian language. Immigration: if you are planning to migrate to another country then the important documentation must be translated into the country’s official language. Documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, and licenses must be translated to avoid any difficulty during the immigration process. Business purpose: when dealing with international offices, all business documents must be clearly presented and translated. Important documents such as financial reports, contracts, and patents dealing should be translated so that everyone can easily read these documents.

Steps to translate from Lithuanian to English

The Lithuanian language can be translated simply by selecting the language in the translator. Below are the easy steps to translate from Lithuanian to English: 1) Upload the scanned copy of the official document. 2) Fill in the inquiry form or simply send the document via email. 3) Receive the quoted price in 15 minutes or less. 4) Receive the translated document within 24 hours or less – this can vary, depending on the difficulty of the document. If the document is lengthy, then the deadline will be discussed before the start of work. 5) Once the translation is completed, it will get stamped by ATC and BLS Company. After the stamp, a letter will be issued by the directors of BLS that shows the confirmation of the document and that it has professionally translated by a qualified translator.

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Do you need a certified translation? If yes, then act now and contact the Kings of Translation to receive our professional services. We have a team of expert translators who can translate your important documents, such as business, medical, technical, or financial translations. The company is reliable and very affordable. Contact the professionals at the Kings of Translation and arrange the translation services today.

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