Trends that will Positively Disrupt the Translation Industry in 2020

by Robert White
Translation industry

Let’s debunk a few of them:

The prominence of artificial intelligence

With the rapid succession of Artificial intelligence in various domains of life, there’s no wonder why translation service providers are going to include it in their field as well. The role of Artificial intelligence in translation will grow tremendously this year for its various advantages. One of the obvious benefits Artificial intelligence has for translation services is its capability of understanding and quickly capturing language nuances that might be quite demanding to accomplish otherwise, such as through machine translation. As an outcome, mainstream tools are expected to be available in numerous languages, particularly with companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Apple proceeding to develop Artificial intelligence technology.

More companies will decide to globalize

With the tremendous advancement of the majority of companies in the globalization, more companies are expected to expand their services and products in the global market. The importance of globalization has been significantly highlighted through various programs, especially ExporTech. When we have a look at the emerging markets, the trend of globalization can be clearly seen that emphasizes the importance of the need for globalization strategy in the translation industry.


With the great understanding of businesses to approaching their international clients righteously, the service of transcreation is emerging rapidly. The concept of transcreation involves both creative writings as well as localization. As a translation service provider, you are expected to adapt to the overall marketing campaigns and texts so that they feel as if they are conceived in the target language.

Machine translation and human post-editing

The advent of neural machine translation (NMT) has led to several advantages for translation industry such as more contextually accurate translations, learning and identifying language nuances, efficient translation of complex languages and use of algorithms to learn various language conventions etc. Because of its enormous benefits, machine translation is taken seriously by the translation industry since the past few years to a great extent. Even though machine translation is here to stay, we cannot deny that technology can have some pitfalls that need to be addressed. To address this matter and for more accurate, precise translations, the demand for post-editing machine translation services (PEMT) are significantly increasing. This trend is likely to take over the translation industry in the upcoming year for its undeniable benefits.


The E-learning market is going to have an enormous scope in the near future as expected by Forbes magazine and other reliable sources. Although there is a lot of e-learning material present currently online but it is available only in the English language. The demand for e-learning courses being translated into other languages will become more evident as the online educators will seek for such a need. If a translation agency wants to hit this trend, then it’s worth noting that e-courses include the technology as well as the content that is delivered to the students. So, translation agencies need to learn the software behind them before they provide the translations of e-trainings.

The huge growth of video translation and subtitling

One of the top trends that are going to disrupt the translation industry in a positive manner is video translation. It is worth considering that around 80% of online content is expected to be presented through video in the upcoming years. If translation agencies want to attract maximum clients in the existing market, or they want to expand their business in the new global markets, video translation can be very beneficial for their business success. People hire translation agency services for various needs of video localization that include:

– Delivering a pitch to new clients as a follow-up message or advance face-to-face meeting.
– Conveying an important message to clients about general information, latest products and other updates.
– Making a video that will assist in training for employees that are present in another region.

A video message needs to be conveyed sensitively and accurately. Clients rely on translation service providers for their video localisation to be confident enough about accuracy and sensitivity. Subtitling is also in higher demand that needs to be targeted as one of the crucial trends to be followed by translation agencies. For instance, there are many videos on Facebook posts that are played without any sound and subtitling can be essential for the audience.


It is quite obvious to say that for a sharper competitive edge, the translation agencies need to be more specialized in their domains. Having a domain-specific knowledge will not only increase your business ranking but will also make you more attractive from the rest of the competitors. It is essential to position your industry in the right way whichever path you choose and be determined to stay on the top.

The translation industry is expected to grow exponentially following the trends that will impact the translation industry positively in 2020. However, to strive and thrive in an era where new translation industries spring like mushrooms, translation industries need to understand and follow the trends that will impact their business massively.

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