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INTERPRETINGInterpreting. Are you preparing an international conference? Do you have guests coming from abroad? Do you want to talk – and understand remotely? Do you need to discuss the terms of a vital transaction face to face? The interpreters from the translation agency “Kings of Translation” are ready to assist you whenever you need simultaneous interpretation. We guarantee the highest quality of interpreting as all our interpreters are highly skilled and have versatile work experience in the field of consecutive interpretation. Depending on the language you need, and the anticipated topic of the conversation (event), we will select the most suitably qualified interpreter for you.

The main priorities of our interpreters:

  1. interpreter’s competence;
  2. professionalism;
  3. experience;
  4. thorough preparation;
  5. responsibility.

The main task of an interpreter is to help a customer overcome, not just linguistic, but cultural barriers too. Our high-quality professional interpreting service provides not only superb interpreters but also proper overall project management. Good quality interpreting is guaranteed – not only thanks to the interpreter’s linguistic skills, professional competence and thorough preparation for the translation – but also as a result of the sensitive, responsible attitude of our project managers to each order. We have accumulated a broad experience from working on various interpreting projects so we can ensure that your cooperation with your foreign partners will be fruitful. We provide various interpreting services – consecutive, simultaneous, and “whispering in the ear” interpreting. Our interpreters work on a wide variety of projects, from regular business meetings, to major public events (for example, international conferences).

What is the difference between simultaneous, “whispering” and consecutive interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is a form of interpretation where an interpreter translates the words of a speaker within a few seconds. Specialized equipment, and an interpreting booth, are needed for interpreters performing this kind of interpretation. The majority of modern hotels and conference centres have such equipment, and if they don’t – it can be rented (we can also provide rental services for the said equipment).

This method of interpretation is used when a speaker does not want to stop speaking and wait for an interpreter to translate. In such cases, the interpretation is heard only by those event participants who have headsets.

“Whispering” is used in cases when interpretation is needed for a small number of listeners – here, an interpreter sits next to the participants and translates what a speaker is saying by whispering to them. This method of interpretation does not require any equipment or additional tools: one interpreter can translate to a maximum of three listeners.

Consecutive interpreting, is where an interpreter starts to translate when a speaker pauses. An interpreter stands or sits beside a speaker, listens to what he or she says, and writes down specific comments or essential issues. They then interpret in separate blocks while the speaker pauses and waits.

This method of interpretation is used in cases where there are no time constraints. It is important to know that in these instances, all the listeners will be listening to the consecutive interpreting – and a speaker will have to listen to the same text twice.  As a result, this method of interpretation takes twice as much time compared to “whispering” or simultaneous interpreting as the speaker will need to pause, from time to time, to allow the interpreter to translate what has been said.

Kings of Translation” provide all the services related to interpreting.

The interpreters from “Kings of Translation” can interpret for you, not only in any city like London but anywhere in Europe if necessary – or elsewhere in the world.  If required, our interpreters can accompany you during business trips to interpret for you there.

Interpreting: how much does it cost?

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